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niagara squash and tennis

Get Swinging

We Know Racquet Sports
Relieve the stress of daily life and maintain a healthy body by having fun on a court - take advantage of the modern, innovative Niagara Tennis and Squash facilities at The Club at White Oaks today! Regardless of your skill level, the racquet programs are among the best on the Niagara racquets scene.


You will feel like a pro when you lace up and step onto one of our six indoor, climate controlled tennis courts. Reserve a private or group lesson with a professional instructor who will challenge and encourage you on to the top of your game. Our professional, certified tennis instructors take pride in guiding you towards domination on the tennis court!

indoor tennis facilities at The Club
  • Tennis Court Fees
    • Calculate your pricing as follows:

      Prime Time Singles
      $15pp, 1hr
      Prime Time Doubles
      $11.50pp, 1.5hr
      Non Prime Time Singles
      $13pp, 1 hr
      Non Prime Time Doubles
      $9.74pp, 1.5hr
      $22 per day

      Prime Time Hours

      Mon - Sun, 9:00am to 12:00pm and Mon - Fri, 5:00pm to 9:00pm

      Non Prime Hours

      Mon - Sun, 5:30am to 9:00am/12:00pm to 5:00pm and Sat - Sun, 5:00pm to 11:00pm

  • Tennis Lesson Rates
    • Pricing is as follows:

      1hr Private
      .5hr Private
      1hr Private Five Pack
      .5hr Two Person
      1hr Two Person
      .5hr Group (3 person)
      $57 total($19pp)
      .5hr Group (4 person)
      $68 total($17pp)
      1hr Group (3 person)
      $99 total($33pp)
      1hr Group (4 person)
      $124 total($31pp)
      1hr Private Hotel Guest
      .5hr Private Hotel Guest
      .5hr Two Person Hotel Guest
      1hr Two Person Hotel Guest
      .5hr Group Hotel Guest (3 person)
      $75 total($25pp)
      .5hr Group Hotel Guest (4 person)
      $92 total($23pp)
      1hr Group Hotel Guest (3 person)
      $132 total($44pp)
      1hr Group Hotel Guest (4 person)
      $168 total($42pp)
      Ball Machine Rental, Non Tennis Prepaid Member
      $32 (includes service and court fee)
      Ball Machine Rental, Prepaid Tennis Member
      1hr Private Jr
      .5hr Private Jr
      1hr Private Jr Five Pack
      .5hr Two Person Jr
      1hr Two Person Jr
      .5hr Group Jr (3 person)
      $51 total($17pp)
      .5hr Group Jr (4 person)
      $60 total($15pp)
      1hr Group Jr (3 person)
      $87 total($29pp)
      1hr Group Jr (4 person)
      $108 total($27pp)
      *Junior pricing is for under 18yrs

  • Instant Tennis Clinic
    • What's Instant Tennis?

      Get game in four weeks and build your skills from the ground up! A 1.5 hour lesson each week for four weeks with our pros will increase your court abilities in a flash. All the basic skills will be covered including groundstroke, serve, return of serve, volley and overhead plus get an educational package.


      $129pp Non-Member, $90 Member (non-member includes one month membership)


      Daytime:Tuesdays, 1:00pm - 2:30pm and Evenings:Thursday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm. Clinics start when four person requirement is met.


      Tim Kemp, 905.688.2032 x5216


The Club features eight squash and two racquetball courts and fantastic league play for all levels. The Niagara squash professionals at The Club at White Oaks are excited for the chance to help you develop crushing backhand strokes and lighting returns. Experience racquet sports at their most fast and furious at our Niagara fitness and health club today!

download squash leagues signup pdf
squash courts and leagues at White Oaks
  • Squash Court Fees
    • Calculate your pricing as follows:

      Prime Time
      $16 Court, 40min
      Non Prime Time
      $15 Court, 40min
      $22 per day, plus half court fee

      Prime Time Hours

      Mon - Fri, 2:50pm to 9:30pm and Sat - Sun, 9:30am to 2:10pm

      Non Prime Hours

      Mon - Fri, 6:10am to 9:30am/9:30pm to Close and Sat - Sun, 6:10am - 9:30am/2:10pm to Close

  • Squash Lesson Rates
    • Pricing is as follows:

      Junior Private
      Junior Semi-Private
      Adult Private Five Package
      Junior Private Five Package
      Hotel Private
      Hotel Semi-Private
      *Junior pricing is for under 18yrs

  • Squash Clinics
    • Details

      All clinics include 4 sessions over 4 weeks. Prices do not include HST. Sign up at the Club Desk.

      Beginner 80 Minute Format

      $115/members ($28.75 per week) or $165/non-members ($41.25 per week). Learn the game of squash the easy way with this program designed to teach the fundamentals. Students will progressively learn the game and rules with topics including forehand/backhand strokes, volleying, serve and return.

      Intermediate 60 Minute Format

      $102/members only. ($25.50 per week) This clinic will improve your tactics, fitness and technique. Improve your game in a drill based environment and game-based situations. Players will also have the opportunity to practice in supervised matches.

      Advanced 80 Minute Format

      $115/members only. ($28.75 per week) Train like the pros with our fast-paced program. Sessions will be based on perfecting your stroke and shots in drills and situations used by the pros. Limited to six participants on two courts.


      Matt Easingwood, 905.688.2032 x5255

  • Racquetball Lesson Rates
    • Pricing as follows:

      1 Private Lesson
      5 Private Lessons
      Semi-Private Lesson


Junior Tennis at White Oaks


junior squash at White Oaks


junior racquetball at White Oaks

Racquet Camp

racquet adventure camp

Table Tennis

A growing Niagara table tennis facility, White Oaks features ping-pong action at a variety of levels. For recreational play and warm-ups, there are several tables in the concourse of the Squash Centre.

For developing players and competitive play, the Table Tennis Club plays Wednesday nights 6:30pm - 10:00pm in the gymnasium, with two tournament quality tables ($20+tx Addtional Fee/12 weeks).

White Oaks St.Catharines table tennis club

Be a Sponsor

Get Involved with a Tennis or Squash Tournament

We are a premier destination for racquet sports and host Provincial, Regional and Professional Tournaments at our facility. Sponsor a tourney and gain access to over 3000 Club members and an active community to promote your business.

niagara racquet sponsorship

Racquet Pros

Tennis Pros

In 1978 White Oaks started out as primarily a tennis club and over 35+ years our programs have flourished. White Oaks has produced many of our nation’s finest tennis players. Our great team of tennis professionals has made that possible and they are here for you. Beginner, Junior, Senior...they are committed to improving everyone's game, so get in touch.

  • Giovanni Rodriguez
    • Certification:
      Tennis Canada Club Pro 3

      Giovanni brings 17 years experience to his role. He was a ranked professional in his native Chile and recruited on a scholarship for college tennis in California. He instructs all ages and levels and has worked with some of the world’s best ranked players

      Cool Fact:
      Giovanni recently moved from California to Niagara, both areas famous for wine. Can that be a coincidence?

      Email Giovanni

  • Scott Hurtubise
    • Certification:
      Tennis Canada Coach 3 & Club Pro 3

      Scott is a Master Racquet Technician and Course Facilitator and has coached tennis for over 30 years. He has run some of Canada's best programs and has also coached at the Canada Games, University Games and Brock University

      Cool Fact:
      He's one of only 6 people to be designated both level 3 coach and club pro

      Email Scott

  • Karol Szmurlo
    • Certification:
      Tennis Canada Club Pro 2

      With 14 years of competitive experience and 12 years of coaching, Karol knows how to teach students an understanding of the game and the strokes required to play it really well

      Cool Fact:
      Karol likes to relax with fishing, golf and Frisbee. Frisbee?

      Email Karol

  • Michaela Rivett
    • Certification:
      Tennis Canada Instructor

      Tennis has become a lifetime sport for Michaela, who started learning tennis right here at White Oaks at the age of nine. Michaela enjoys teaching the fundamentals of tennis to beginner adults, taking a special interest in kids tennis

      Cool Fact:
      As a youth, Michaela lived in some interesting places, including Pakistan, Ghana, and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

      Email Michaela

  • Julianne Smith
    • Certification:
      Tennis Canada Instructor

      Julianne organizes our leagues and enjoys working with players new to the game

      Cool Fact:
      Julianne is a tough competitor and has won many tournaments in singles, doubles and mixed over the years.

      Email Julianne

  • Michael Robinson
    • Certification:
      Tennis Canada Coach 2, USPTR Pro, Pickleball Pro

      Michael was a GSC Division 2 Singles Champion from the University of North Alabama, 1981. He was a Tennis Pro at White Oaks from 1981-1988 until he left to teach high school, retired in 2015 and returned to White Oaks to continue as a teaching Pro

      Cool Fact:
      Michael has been a DJ since 1976 and still enjoys playing music for various events

      Email Michael

  • Tim Kemp
    • Certification:
      Certified Pro - PTR & Tennis Canada Club Pro 2

      Tim has been coaching for 25 years at White Oaks and has come to realize that making even a small change in a players game can go a long way. He particularly enjoys working with kids under 10 in the early development stages

      Cool Fact:
      Tim's uncle, Tommy Earl played pro hockey with the WHA New England Whalers, against Frank Mahovlich and Gordie Howe

      Email Tim

  • Ouahab Ghouli
    • Certification:
      Tennis Canada Coach 3, USPTA, ITF,French Federation Certified, Dartfish Certified

      Ouahab is former Davis Cup & ATP tour player for Algeria. He has a Bachelors in Kinesiology and has been coaching tennis for more than 25 years from beginner to pro

      Cool Fact:
      He loves cooking and his favorite food is couscous

      Email Ouahab

Squash Pros

The squash program at White Oaks has gained international acclaim and it’s no wonder with professionals on staff that have almost 100 years of experience between them. Our squash pros have a passion for this sport and club and have travelled the world with our juniors to national and international tournaments. They are always eager to share their knowledge and are ready to improve your squash game.

  • Matt Easingwood
    • Certification:
      Level 3 NCCP Squash Coach

      Matt runs our Junior Program at White Oaks. He is our senior pro and has the patience of a saint. He is a dedicated teacher from beginner right through to competitive

      Cool Fact:
      Matt is father to two boys who play squash really, really well

      Email Matt

  • Juana Chaves
    • Certification:
      Level 1 Certified Squash Instructor

      Juana was a varsity Brock University captain and MVP and former #1 player

      Cool Fact:
      A kinesiology graduate, Juana runs exercise classes at retirement homes

      Email Juana

  • Scott McLachlan
    • Certification:
      Level 1 Certified Squash Instructor

      Scott likes to work with players training to compete but if you are eager to learn or improve, he might just be the best coach for you

      Cool Fact:
      Scott won an Outstanding Contribution to Squash award in 2008 and is father to two lovely teenage daughters who play squash really, really, really well

      Email Scott

  • Jim Boychuck
    • Certification:
      Level 2 Squash Coach

      Jim enjoys coaching junior and intermediate players and has a very good eye for picking out flaws in strokes. He brings 30 years of experience to the court and a passion for the game.

      Cool Fact:
      Jim has won our Level A Championship two times and ranked in the top 10 in Canada in Masters Championships

      Email Jim

  • Cindy Sachvie
    • Certification:
      Level 1 & 2 Squash Coach & Referee Certification

      Cindy runs our DSBN Schools Club Experience program and Squash Leagues. She loves to coach juniors and players new to the game. She makes it fun and ensures everyone enjoys their lesson and loves squash

      Cool Fact:
      Cindy has a coaching achievement award from Squash Ontario for 2010 and is mom to three lovely young adults – who all play really, really, really well

      Email Cindy

  • Tom Powers
    • Certification:
      30 years Squash Instruction Experience

      Tom’s focus is on Intermediate to Elite competitive players and he definitely knows what it takes. He is currently one of the top men's players in Canada aged 50+

      Email Tom

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