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Day Spa Indulgences

Let the Relaxation Begin
From head to toe, and back to front the Spa at White Oaks has developed a special treatment for you to experience, using nature's purest ingredients. Browse through our menu of delights, or contact a spa specialist in our Niagara Spa to assist you further.


Massage stress, tight muscles and aches and pains away or just melt into a table and drift away mentally while a registered massage therapist puts you to rights! We've hand-picked some serious soothing options for you...

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registered massage therapy at The Spa
  • Aroma Flex (RMT)
    • 80min/$200

      Book by phone only. This treatment combines the therapeutic art of acupressure and the complete relaxation experience of aromatherapy massage. The combination of the two will truly have you floating on a cloud!

  • Therapeutic (RMT)
    • 50min/$140 or 80min/$195

      This remedial massage is custom designed for your areas of muscle soreness and tension. Each therapist uses a variety of techniques to relieve pain and improve flexibility.

  • Relaxation (RMT)
    • 50min/$140 or 80min/$195

      This classic massage style uses soothing, relaxing strokes to reduce stress, promote overall wellness, relax muscles and diminish pain.

  • Pregnancy Massage (RMT)
    • 50min/$140

      This specially designed massage aids in the relief of aching back muscles and heavy legs for the expecting mom-to-be.

  • Couples Massage (RMT)
    • 50min/$310 or 80min/$420

      Book by phone only. A romantic side by side massage in the couples treatment room

  • Sports Massage (RMT)
    • 50min/$140 or 80min/$195

      The benefits of sports massage therapy include enhanced performance, reduced recovery time, flexibility, injury prevention aid and preparation of the body and mind for optimal performance.

  • Deep Tissue Massage (RMT)
    • 50min/$140

      Whether you're seeking relief from a long board meeting or a crazy spin class this intense massage is for you.

Skin Fitness

We believe it’s not just skin care, but really skin fitness with quite a bit more to it than just what you put on your face daily. Let our facial experts get a look at you, and you'll have relaxation and results! We suggest facials be booked after massage or wrap treatments and prior to nail services.

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facials and skin care Niagara Spa
  • Aromatherapy Facial
    • 55min/$150 or 85min/$185

      Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin Care, with unique essential oil blends. Customize a 'Taylor' Made facial to your skin including; an exfoliation to remove dead skin and allow deep product penetration, treatment serum application using manual lymphatic drainage and a relaxation neck and shoulder massage. Complete with a balancing mask and your perfect moisturizer.

  • Spa Facial (Custom)
    • 55min/ $150

      Unsure of what is best suited for your skin? Allow one of our highly trained Skin Care Specialists to analyze and properly diagnosis your skin. A personalized facial, customized to your specific needs is then delivered. What could be better?

  • Ultimate Spa Facial (Custom)
    • 85min/$185

      This customized facial offers the same benefits as our 55 minute Spa Facial with added features such as full extractions, lymphatic drainage techniques and a relaxing hand and arm massage. Ahhh...the Ultimate!

  • MAX+ LED Photofacial
    • 55min/$160 or 85min/$190

      MAX+ photodermatology is based on LED phototherapy and uses specific color wave lengths of light that penetrate the skin at various depths. Cells are energized to produce collagen and improve elasticity. Long lasting results with no irritation.

  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment Facial
    • 75min/$195

      Take your Oxygen Facial to the next level with high performance Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment. The Intraceuticals Treatment application utilizes oxygen to promote the delivery of intraceuticals serums to the skin. The combination of serums and oxygen, immediately plumps and hydrates the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Youth Renewal Facial
    • 55min/$185

      This Pro-Aging Retinol based treatment utilizes the power of retinol, antioxidants, and encapsulated delivery technology to provide superior results for common concerns of aging, improving the appearance of fine lines, uneven texture, and skin tone.

  • iS Clinical Fire and Ice
    • 55min/$175

      Book by phone only. This powerful facial rapidly and safely resurfaces the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging cellular renewal. The 'fire' begins with the cinnamon scented Intensive Resurfacing Masque to boost collagen production. Next comes the 'Ice' which is cooling peppermint and soothing; contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, and herbal extracts leaving your skin plump and glowing!

  • iS Clinical Customized Facial
    • 55min/$150 or 85min/$180

      A customized facial using iS Clinical line of superior quality, regime-specific serums, complexes, moisturizers and treatments. This facial is both reparative and preventative, resulting in skin that is healthier, more hydrated and protected.

  • Environ DF Facial
    • 85min/$195

      The world's most technologically advanced facial treatment based on 30 years of science and research. Using the unique combination of pulsed electrical current and low frequency sound waves, this facial distributes Vitamins A, C and E as well as antioxidants and peptides when it permeates the waterproof barrier of the skin. Boosts skin health, minimizes wrinkles and improves elasticity. Book by phone only

  • Environ Essential Vitamin Touch Facial
    • 55min/NOW $140 (reg. $160)

      A luxurious, customized, relaxing treatment that delivers essential vitamins A,C & E to restore skin's health, radiance and resilience. This treatment includes a specialized occlusive mask, and a hand & arm massage.


      Amplify this treatment's results by adding a cool peel. Cool and comfortable on the skin, lactic acid in reducing pore size, refining and brightening the appearance of the skin with no downtime.

  • The Bela MD Glow
    • 45min/$155

      Medical-grade microdermabrasion with a diamond tip to provide a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the skin followed by hydrogen therapy with the H2 module and a hydrating mask to finish. Book by phone only

  • The Bela MD Deluxe
    • 75min/$225

      A fully customizable medical-grade microdermabrasion treatment using multiple additional modalities such as serum infusion, ultrasonic extractor, toning micro-current and finish with electroporation to achieve the ultimate goal of clear, even toned, glowing skin. Book by phone only

  • Microneedling
    • $275

      Book by phone only. Microneedling is aimed at stimulating the body's own collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pore size and scarring. The Eclipse Micropen system allows for controlled induction of the skin's self-repair mechanism. The result is smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. Not recommended during pregnancy or nursing. Treatment time includes initial consultation. Also available as 3-pack for $775.50+tx

  • Eye Treatment
    • $10 Add-on to Any Facial

      Restore and nourish delicate under eye areas, with these nutrient-rich jelly pads infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid, & vitamin C and E.


These massage experiences are all about total bliss and relaxation. They are not performed by a registered massage therapist but instead by one of our highly skilled spa professionals who ensure you float on a cloud.

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relaxation treatments at the Spa at White Oaks
  • Wellness
    • 75min/$135

      Book by phone only. This signature treatment assists in the relief of toxins and aids in total relaxation. The therapist treats the body using a combination of lymphatic drainage, acupressure and relaxation techniques. A total mind-body treatment! This service is not performed by an RMT and not eligible for insurance receipt.

  • Hot Stone Massage
    • 65min/$175

      Available Mon-Thurs only. Book by phone only. “Trails of heat flow within my body, swirling all over my back, lingering just long enough to melt the tension from each muscle. As the stones give up their heat, I find them resting in my palms, and I sink into the table, grounded in Mother Earth.” This service is not performed by an RMT and not eligible for insurance receipt.

Nail Therapy

Some spa classics never go out of style and with our contemporary methods & ingredients your hands and feet have never looked so good and pampered.

Please arrive with natural nails, free from Gel, Shellac or Acrylic.
manicure and pedicure
  • Manicure
    • 55min/$60

      Treat yourself to a professional hand treatment. This service includes nail shaping, cuticle repair, a moisturizing hand massage and finishes with a polish application. Not interested in nail polish, substitute for a relaxing hand and arm massage with heated stones.

  • Pedicure
    • 55min/$80

      Beginning with an aromatic foot soak, this treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle clean up, callous removal and exfoliation, as well as massage for the lower legs and feet. This is followed by a polish application of your choice to complete this treat for your feet.

  • Spa Pedicure
    • 85min/$100

      This treatment includes all the steps from our regular pedicure with the added indulgence of a hot stone massage on the lower legs and feet as well as a paraffin treatment. This pedicure will leave you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud.

  • Paraffin
    • 15min/$20

      For the ultimate in hydration, add a paraffin treatment to your regular manicure. Our dip-less units are what’s new in hand & foot care technology.

Body Services

Cozy up on our heated table and surrender to the sweet relaxation, exfoliation and hydration found in these sumptuous body treatments. Our selection of Body Wraps include exfoliation with a luxurious scrub, scalp massage, hydrotherapy bath and cream application. Body Glows include exfoliation, relaxing soak in a private bath and warm hydrating moisturizer to leave you glowing. Both Wraps and Glows are not recommended combined with any other heated services or during pregnancy.

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body services
  • Melt Away
    • 55min/$140

      Melt away any aches and tension all the way down to your toes. Begin with a warm aromatherapy massage on your hands and feet, followed by reparative paraffin treatments to soften your skin. Complete with a neck, shoulder and scalp massage which will quench your thirst for relaxation! This service is not performed by an RMT and not eligible for insurance receipt.

  • Coconut Beach Body Wrap
    • 75min/$175

      Beginning with a Shea butter & sugar scrub infused with coconut water to exfoliate and hydrate. Followed by a shea butter balm mask containing cocoa and mango butters to infuse the skin with hydration and vitamins A and E. You are then cocooned while your therapist performs a mini facial and scalp massage. Relax and unwind as you rinse in a private bath. To finish, your therapist will apply our Organic Island Elixir Shea Butter containing coconut, pineapple and vitamins A, D, and E to help the skin retain vital moisture.

  • Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap
    • 75min/$175

      Dry skin is sloughed off with an invigorating Marine salt and Laminaria scrub, improving circulation. Followed by a marine mud application containing three seaweed types, aiding in detoxification. You are then cocooned in warm blankets while your therapist performs a mini-facial and scalp massage. Finish with a private bath and relaxing moisturizing. Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins. Not recommended combined with any other heated services.

  • Bee Well Body Wrap
    • 75min/$175

      Beginning with the finest grain sea salt, infused with fresh garden lavender. Smooth your skin with warm raw honey containing live fruit cells of papaya and pineapple. Improve elasticity with vitamin E rich rice bran oil, firming peptides and retinol, the ageless wonder. Bee well and turn back the clock with every swipe of the hand.

  • Sunny Dippin Body Glow
    • 45min/NOW $99 (reg. $115)

      Sugar whipped cleansing polish reveals velvety soft skin. Blended with jojoba oil, olive seed powder and mouth watering notes of natural orange and cream reminiscent of childhood summer days.

  • Coconut Beach Body Glow
    • 45min/$115

      Beginning with a Shea butter & sugar scrub infused with coconut water to exfoliate and hydrate. Relax as you rinse in a private bath. To finish, your therapist will apply our Organic Island Elixir Shea Butter containing coconut, pineapple and vitamins A, D, and E to help the skin retain vital moisture.

  • Honey Lavender Body Glow
    • 45min/$115

      Walk thought a Farmer's Market with this fine grain honey lavender body polish. Vitamin E and potent antioxidants nourish and hydrate your skin. To finish, magnificent weightless whip, boosted by vitamin rich emollients is applied. Your skin becomes pure silk with every swipe of the hand.

Finishing Touches

Add a finishing touch to any facial service, cannot be booked as a stand alone appointment.

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  • phone us905.641.2599
tinting and waxing services
  • Brow Design
    • 25min/$20

      A shaping and refining of the brows by our expert to enhance your appearance. Book by phone only

  • Brow Design with Tint
    • 25min/$30

      A shaping and refining of the brows along with colour tinting. Book by phone only

  • Facial Waxing
    • -Lip (15 min) $15
    • -Chin (15 min) $15

Our Spa is located downstairs in our concourse level. Please advise us when you are booking your treatment if you require accessible access or have any concerns. We are committed to providing our amazing treatments and experience to all guests.

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