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It's Not Easy Being Green

Our mission is creating a balance between minimizing carbon footprint and maximizing our guests’ experience through the evaluation, implementation, and education of environmentally sustainable practices.
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Our Very Own Dream Team

The White Oaks Green Team works closely with Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI), a not-for-profit organization based in the Niagara Region with a focus on advancing environmental and economic performance through the greening of local businesses and municipalities. The team is committed to being a leader in green innovation while supporting resort wide environmental initiatives and has helped earn a Four Green Key Global rating. Here is a snapshot of what we’re currently up to...


Trees Saved

13,410 lbs of paper have been saved so far through participation in the Shred-It certificate program.

New Soap Bars

Through the Clean the World program, we recycle unused toiletry items and plastics, diverting hotel waste from landfills. Last year our efforts contributed to thousands of bars of soap being distributed to those in need across the globe.

Green Lighting

LED lighting has been installed in over 80% of our building, with more lights being switched over every week.

Why We Care

This is where we work, live and play



We believe in corporate responsibility and that every effort affects change and fuels the movement for a clean and healthy future for our planet.



As one of the region's largest employers, it is our duty to the community to be a proponent of green initiatives where we work and live.



An adaptive, innovative and forward thinking company is well-positioned for the future and allows continuous improvement of guest experience.

Charge The Car

White Oaks partnered with Sun Country Highway to be the first hotel in Niagara to have an Electric Vehicle Charge Station.

charging station

Ozone Laundry

We use a laundry system that through cold water oxidization drastically reduces water and chemical use.


Save the Linen

We allow guests to choose to be green and reuse their towels and linens, reducing energy consumption.

save water
enviro initiative


Reduced Printing

We send everything electronically, provide digital only paystubs and encourage double-sided printing

Strong Supply

We've eliminated plastic straws, implemented a glass bottle water program and are 90% Styrofoam free

Cut the Motor

We ask that guests not idle cars while waiting and have reminder signs

Lights Out

Our property is full of natural light which cuts down on room light use


Grow supports third world water initiatives by featuring GoodDrinks beverages and gives discounts for bringing your own mug

beeiconsThe Buzz

Through B-Y's Honey Farm, our Green Team welcomed four hives of Canadian Honeybees to our property. Not only do they help our region by introducing pollinator habitats near farmlands... they also make really good honey. Our bees and butterflies (yes, we have them too!) each have their own natural habitat at White Oaks.


Why Do We Need Bees?

The wild bee population has dwindled due to modernized agriculture with mono-crop farming and pesticides. By helping to expand the bee population, our food sources continue to be pollinated and local farmers will continue to be able to grow crops for many years to come without rising operating expenses. Want to learn more? Take a Bee Tour.

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