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Let the Relaxation Begin
From head to toe, and back to front the Spa at White Oaks has developed a special treatment for you to experience, using nature's purest ingredients. Whatever may be troubling you or in need of special care, browse through our menu of delights or a solution, or contact a spa specialist in our Niagara Spa to assist you further.
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Skin Fitness

We believe it’s not just skin care, but really skin fitness with quite a bit more to it than just what you put on your face daily. Let our facial experts get a look at you, and you'll have relaxtion and results!

  • faveCustomize Your Facial
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facials and skin care Niagara Spa
  • Aromatherapy Facial
    • 55min/$120 or 85min/$150

      Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin Care, with unique essential oil blends. Customize a 'Taylor' Made facial to your skin including; an exfoliation to remove dead skin and allow deep product penetration, treatment serum application using manual lymphatic drainage and a relaxation neck and shoulder massage. Complete with a balancing mask and your perfect moisturizer.

  • Refresher
    • 25min/$70

      Pressed for time? The Refresher Facial is a relaxing yet results-focused facial that is designed for those guests with a time constraint. Beginning with a gentle cleanse and exfoliation process that stimulates skin hydration from within and promotes a more youthful and radiant appearance. (Does not include extractions)

  • Spa Facial (Custom)
    • 55min/$120

      Unsure of what is best suited for your skin? Allow one of our highly trained Skin Care Specialists to analyze and properly diagnosis your skin. A personalized facial, customized to your specific needs is then delivered. What could be better?

  • Ultimate Spa Facial (Custom)
    • 85min/$150

      This customized facial offers the same benefits as our 55 minute Spa Facial with added features such as full extractions, lymphatic drainage techniques and a relaxing hand and arm massage. Ahhh...the Ultimate!

  • MAX+ LED Photofacial
    • $130

      MAX+ photodermatology is based on LED phototherapy and uses specific color wave lengths of light that penetrate the skin at various depths. Cells are energized to produce collagen and improve elasticity. Long lasting results with no irritation.
      Series of 4 -$450 (10% savings), Series of 6 -$638 (15% savings) Series of 8 -$830 (17% savings)

  • Tata Harper Facial
    • 55min/$120 or 85min/$145

      This advanced facial repairs skin on the cellular level using 100% natural products. Triple beta hydroxy & enzyme resurfacing exfoliates to an instant glow. Collagen production is reinforced to smooth wrinkles, firm and lift. Finally, the infusion of botanical vitamins, minerals, omegas and antioxidants provide nutrition and environmental protection.

  • Silkpeel Microdermabrasion
    • 45min/$175 or Series of 3/$420

      A novel skin resurfacing technology providing maximum deep exfoliation with the delivery of a range of exclusive targeted solutions for the face and neck showing immediate results with no downtime. Uniquely formulated Solutions for Acne, Aging, Pigmentation or sun spots, Dull complexion, Dehydrated skin.
      Contraindications: Pregnancy, Retin A

  • iS Clinical Fire and Ice
    • 55min/$125

      This powerful facial rapidly and safely resurfaces the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging cellular renewal. The 'fire' begins with the cinnamon scented Intensive Resurfacing Masque to boost collagen production. Next comes the 'Ice' which is cooling peppermint and soothing; contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, and herbal extracts leaving your skin plump and glowing!

  • Oxygen Facial
    • 55min/$140 or 85min/$170

      Get instant results with the treatment celebrities can't get enough of. Oxygen increases the absorption of products to the deepest level, creates an antibacterial environment on the skin, improves skin texture, cell metabolism, circulation and gives you a fabulous glow. Have a breakout and a hot date coming up? Come in for an oxygen facial and blast it away! Great for brides for the Big Day.


Massage stress, tight muscles and aches and pains away or just melt into a table and drift away mentally while a registered massage therapist puts you to rights! We've hand-picked some serious soothing options for you...

  • checkRMT Available
  • phone us1.800.263.5766
  • phone us905.641.2599
registered massage therapy at The Spa
  • Thermal Palms (RMT)
    • 75min/$160

      Thermal Palms are specially crafted soft hand held modalities that mould to the contours of the body while delivering deep penetrating heat to muscles and joints during massage. This treatment breaks free from the norm and provides you with a relaxing, yet therapeutic treatment.

  • Therapeutic (RMT)
    • 55min/$120 or 85min/$150

      This remedial massage is custom designed for your areas of muscle soreness and tension or for pure relaxation. Each therapist uses a variety of techniques to relieve pain and improve flexibility.

  • Sports (RMT)
    • 55min/$120 or 85min/$150

      The benefits of sports massage therapy include enhanced performance, reduces recovery time, promotes flexibility, helps prevent injury and prepare the body and mind for optimal performance.

  • Pregnancy Massage (RMT)
    • 55min/$120

      This specially designed massage aids in the relief of aching back muscles and heavy legs for the expecting mom-to-be.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder
    • 25min/$70

      This massage concentrates on the areas mentioned above. Since most of our stress results in tense shoulder muscles, this treatment eases tension and leaves you more flexible.

  • Massage for Two
    • 55min/$270

      A romantic side by side massage in the couples treatment room

  • Aroma Flex (RMT)
    • 85min/$165

      This treatment combines the therapeutic art of acupressure and the complete relaxation experience of aromatherapy massage. The combination of the two will truly have you floating on a cloud!


These massage experiences are all about total bliss and relaxation. They are not performed by a registered massage therapist but instead by one of our highly skilled spa professionals who ensure you float on a cloud.

  • faveSignature Wellness Treatment
  • phone us1.800.263.5766
  • phone us905.641.2599
relaxation treatments at the Spa at White Oaks
  • Wellness
    • 75min/$120

      This signature treatment assists in the relief of toxins and aids in total relaxation. The therapist treats the body using a combination of lymphatic drainage, acupressure and relaxation techniques. A total mind-body treatment!

  • Four Hand Massage
    • 55min/$140

      One of the Spa’s Signature treatments, this massage is performed by two therapists, moving simultaneously in harmony, constantly connected to you… a true mind, body and spirit experience.

  • Hot Stone Massage
    • 75min/$150

      “Trails of heat flow within my body, swirling all over my back, lingering just long enough to melt the tension from each muscle. As the stones give up their heat, I find them resting in my palms, and I sink into the table, grounded in Mother Earth.”

Nail Therapy

Some spa classics never go out of style and with our contemporary methods & ingredients your hands and feet have never looked so good and pampered.

We use exclusive Bogavia Beauty of the Adriatic products. This premium collection is Organic - Vegan - Paraben-Free - No Artificial Fragrances - Gluten Free - No Chemical Preservatives

Please arrive with natural nails, free from Gel, Shellac or Acrylic.
manicure and pedicure
  • Manicure
    • 40min/$45

      Treat yourself to a professional hand treatment. This service includes nail shaping, cuticle repair, a moisturizing hand massage and finishes with a polish application.

  • Spa Manicure
    • 55min/$60

      This decadent hand treatment begins as a regular manicure, with the added indulgence of a hydrating hand and arm massage and dip-less paraffin treatment.

  • Pedicure
    • 55min/$65

      Indulge by treating yourself to a delightful mandarin foot soak followed by nail shaping, cuticle repair, callous removal and a final polish for smooth and healthy feet.

  • Spa Pedicure
    • 75min/$85

      For the deluxe foot treatment, may we suggest our Spa Pedicure. This treatment begins with a salt scrub, followed by all the steps of our regular pedicure, but with the added touch of a relaxing foot and calf massage and dip-less paraffin treatment.

  • Paraffin
    • 15min/$10

      For the ultimate in hydration, add a paraffin treatment to your regular manicure or pedicure. Our dip-less units are what’s new in hand & foot care technology.

Body Wrap

We’ve all loved being wrapped up since we were babies so what could be more natural and soothing to you now as an adult. Body exfoliation, scalp massage, hydrotherapy bath and cream application...the full treatment.

  • faveSignature Nector of Niagara Wrap
  • phone us1.800.263.5766
  • phone us905.641.2599
rejuvenating body wraps
  • Berries & Bliss
    • 55min/$120 or 85min/$150

      A vitamin moisture wrap that is full of anti-oxidants, perfect for dry, sensitive, sun damaged or normal skin. Soothing Agave nectar oil is applied to the skin, followed by gentle exfoliation with a fine sea salt scrub and then sumptuously wrap the body in heated blankets. Relax in a rich and creamy Blueberry Milk bath with a final generous helping of strawberry fruit cells from our Strawberry Smash Moisturizer to finish.

  • Honey & Yogurt
    • 55min/$120 or 85min/$150

      A gentle exfoliation with shea sugar scrub lather the micro polishes until radiant skin awakens. A thick, velvety whip of honey and oat infused yogurt and soothing white clay is applied to the body and then of course, the warm blankets are wrapped. Finish this treatment with our Hello Yellow Citrus-Vanilla shea butter to brighten and hydrate the skin.

  • Nectar of Niagara
    • 55min/$120 or 85min/$150

      Whipped Honey Salt Scrub with an amber golden honey scent is applied to the body stimulating your skin's renewal. A blend of warm wine and honey is poured over the body and massaged into the skin, providing antioxidants and hydration. After you are cocooned in warm blankets, you rinse off in a hydrotherapy tub. Finish with a Honey Magnolia Body Oil to lock in moisture, revealing fresh radiant skin. 85 min option finishes with a light touch massage on the back of the body.

  • Detoxifying Seaweed
    • 85min/$150

      Dry skin is sloughed off with an invigorating Poppy Seed and Black Pine Scrub, improving circulation. Followed by a marine mud application containing three seaweed types, aiding in detoxification. You are then cocooned in warm blankets while your therapist performs a mini-facial and scalp massage. Finish with a private hydrotherapy bath and relaxing moisturizing. Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins.

  • Anti-Stress Seaweed
    • 85min/$150

      Dry skin is sloughed off with an invigorating Poppy Seed and Black Pine Scrub followed by a conditioning and re-mineralizing seaweed application, aiding in detoxification and hydration. You are then cocooned in warm blankets while your therapist performs a mini-facial and scalp massage. Finish with a private hydrotherapy bath and relaxing moisturizing with Anti-Stress oil blends.

  • Moroccan Oil
    • 55min/$120 or 85min/$150

      This body treatment includes a full body exfoliation with an orange peel body buff. While wrapped in a warm blanket, the therapist performs a mini-facial and scalp massage. You rinse off in a hydrating powdered milk bath and finish with the Moroccan oil body soufflé. You can upgrade to the 85 min, which includes a light touch massage on the back of the body with the Moroccan Oil intense hydrating serum.

Body Glow

Body glow treatments begin with you lying on our comfortable heated table where your whole body is exfoliated with a luxurious scrub, all while maintaining your privacy with the strategic draping of towels. Then soak in a private hydrotherapy bath to reveal fresh, renewed skin. All treatments are finished off with a rich, warm hydrating moisturizer and leave you….glowing.

  • faveSignature Nector of Niagara Glow
  • phone us1.800.263.5766
  • phone us905.641.2599
Niagara Spa body glow treatments
  • Strawberry
    • 45min/$90

      A vitamin packed body glow, skin is revitalized with a delicious enough to eat body scrub and then finished off with a dewy and hydrating Strawberry Smash moisturizer.

  • Nector of Niagara
    • 45min/$90

      Skin is exfoliated with a warming combination of Agave nectar oil and Whipped Honey Salt Scrub. This invigorating treat for the skin is completed with a citrus-vanilla shea butter body moisturizer.

  • Sweet Cream
    • 45min/$90

      Allow us to scrub away the day, with this savory, sweet cream body exfoliation. Complete with a rich and velvety Shea body butter moisturizer.


We know you guys want in on the amazing effects the spa can have on your wellness! And why not? Check out our “dudes-only” treatments for the modern man, because men deserve to look and feel flawless too. Your body is a temple, treat it as such.

  • checkWhiskey in a Spa Treatment
  • phone us1.800.263.5766
  • phone us905.641.2599
Spa treatment for men in Niagara
  • Deep Tissue Massage (RMT)
    • 55min/$120

      Whether you’re seeking relief from a long board meeting or a crazy spin class this intense massage is for you.

  • Hot Whiskey Scour
    • 55min/$120

      Get buffed and gently scrubbed with heated bourbon, then unwind in a warm bath soak. Finish up with a brisk massage for the ultimate in man-pering.

  • Manly-Cure
    • 40min/$45

      Nails are filed and buffed until glowing. A follow-up whiskey scrub and moisturizer leave your mitts super soft.

  • Sport Pedicure
    • 55min/$65

      A warm bourbon scrub, followed by a hot stone foot and calf massage will have your feet back in full swing in no time. Includes nail shaping, filing and buffing (of course).

  • The Tune-Up
    • 55min/$120

      Keep those pesky ingrown hairs from shaving at bay. This AHA facial will deeply cleanse your pores, exfoliate and balance the skin. We’re talking extremely smooth here.

  • Power Pamper Facial
    • 25min/$70

      Get in, get out...get handsome. Refresher Facial for that rejuvenated look.

  • Power Pamper Massage
    • 25min/$70

      Get in, get out...get relaxed. No fuss Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage.

  • Manscaping
    • Call for pricing

      Back, chest and facial waxing services are available.

Tint & Wax

...and for the finishing touch.

  • checkWax by Request
  • phone us1.800.263.5766
  • phone us905.641.2599
tinting and waxing services
  • Lash or Brow Tint
    • 15min/$15

      For those who would like to add colour or enhance their lashes and brows. A non-toxic vegetable based tint available in black or brown.

  • Lash & Brow Tint
    • 30min/$30

      For those who would like to add colour or enhance their lashes and brows. A non-toxic vegetable based tint available in black or brown.

  • Brow Design
    • 15min/$15

      A shaping and refining of the brows by our expert to enhance your appearance.

  • Waxing (by request)
    • Price Varies

    • -Lip (15 min) $15+
    • -Chin (15 min) $15+
    • -Underarm (30 min) $25+
    • -Arm (30 min) $30+
    • -Bikini (30 min) $30+
    • -Half Leg (30 min) $35+
    • -Full Leg (45 min) $60+
    • -Back (45 min) $60+

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