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Personal Training in Niagara has never been more diverse than right now at the Club at White Oaks. You can train one-on-one or join a more economical and social small group training session. Our Certified Trainers work towards your goals the best way for you whether you are just starting out or are a high performance athlete. Our Niagara training will raise your game.
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One on one workout sessions with a certified personal trainer can help you to improve your fitness, health and quality of life. Through encouragement and guidance, a trainer will assist you in determining your personal fitness goals and make a workout plan to help you get there. Your trainer can help you stay on track, measure your success and hunt you down when you go awol (just kidding!).

personal training at The Club
  • Personal Training Pricing
    • Calculate your pricing as follows:


  • Pricing Notes
    • Tandem Pricing

      Available upon request

      Hotel Guests

      Hotel Guests may book a personal training session at a rate of $80


Enjoy all of the benefits of Personal Training - proven results, increased motivation and accountability, while saving money! Group Personal Training can accommodate 3-6 people at a time and incorporates all of the great "group" spaces we have - the Energy lab, the Kinesis studio, TRX /Kettlebells in the HPC and the Endurance lab.

group training at White Oaks
  • Group Training Pricing
    • Calculate your pricing as follows:


  • School Program
    • School Visitation Program

      We work with schools to help introduce sports and other fitness activities to students in a professional setting. Options include racquet sports (squash, tennis and racquetball) or fitness classes (zumba, aqua zumba, circuit training, yoga and spinning). Classes are conducted by a fitness professional either at White Oaks or at your school depending on the activity. Learn more here


      Cindy Sachvie, 905.688.2032 x5223


The Human Performance Centre at The Club at White Oaks is the place to train for athletes of all ages and is the official training centre of the Niagara Ice Dogs. Athletes and coaches know the importance of speed, agility, strength, and coordination training to an athlete’s overall success in their sport.

Human Performance Centre
  • What We Offer
    • Individual Athlete Training (1 on 1)

      The athletic trainer will assess the athlete and teach them how to move more efficiently, quicker, with more strength and power....improving performance.

      Tandem Training (2 Athletes)

      In a group of 2 athletes, the same benefits of the individual training sessions will be gained with an added bonus of being pushed by another athlete.

      Small Group Training (3-9 Athletes)

      Small group training will provide all athletes with fundamental athletic development which includes speed, agility, strength, core rotational power, coordination, and flexibility.

      Team Large Group (10+)

      Training works in tandem with up-to-the-minute education to cover everything from nutrition to mental focus, as well as recovery, flexibility, and prehabilitation ...maximizing the potential of every team member.

  • Pricing
    • Calculate your pricing as follows:

      Team Session (10+ Athletes)
      $42.00 / athlete per 60 minute session + hst*
      Group Session (3-9 Athletes)
      $30.00 / athlete per 60 minute session + hst*
      Tandem Session (2 Athletes)
      $18.00 / athlete per 60 minute session + hst*
      Individual Session
      $150.00 per 60 minute session + hst
      Spinning Team Session
      $100.00 / 45 minute session + hst
      *Price represents 12 session package.

Body Age Testing

The Polar BodyAge System is an integrated health management tool for complete fitness assessments. The BodyAge assessment takes into account a number of health and fitness markers including a member's strength, flexibility, percentage of body fat, nutrition, cardiovascular fitness and more to calculate the fitness and relative age of their body.

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  • White Oaks Resort & Spa
  • 253 Taylor Road SS4
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
  • Canada L0S 1J0


  • Resort: 1-800-263-5766
  • The Club: 905-688-2550
  • The Spa: 905-641-2599