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Over our 35 year history, White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa, has won awards, hosted fantastic events, welcomed dignitaries, and generally been in the news. We'll post and and archive our press releases here for your browsing convenience.
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The Club at White Oaks Announces New Squash Leadership

Mar 3, 2014 - The Club at White Oaks is pleased to announce our Squash leadership team for 2014. Heading the future of Squash programming at White Oaks is the very strong duo of Matt Easingwood (Senior Squash Pro) and Cindy Sachvie (Squash Pro).
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The Club at White Oaks has a deep history in the sport of Squash with a reputation of developing numerous elite players over the past 30 years. Matt Easingwood has experience as an elite player and is a Level 3 Certified Squash Coach. He has been a Squash Pro at White Oaks for over 13 years. Cindy Sachvie is a Level 1 Certified Squash Coach with 20 plus years of experience as a Squash Pro at White Oaks and she is the proud parent of 3 elite squash players (Chris, Lauren and Nick) who all have played NCAA Div I Squash.

Together with a dedicated group of volunteers, Matt and Cindy are committed to delivering exceptional Squash programming for aspiring youth players, elite junior players, along with beginner to veteran adult enthusiasts. Their goal is to continue the legacy of squash development pioneered by esteemed international squash leader, the late Mark Sachvie.

As the premier Squash Tournament host site for local, regional, provincial, national events, the entire team here at White Oaks is positioned to continue to deliver high-quality experiences for athletes of all levels and ages. Both White Oaks and the Niagara Region are especially excited to be the official host site for the Women’s World Squash Championships December 2014 to be held in the newly named “Mark Sachvie Squash Centre.”
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the club squash leaders announcement

Website Launch

White Oaks Resort Launches New Fully Responsive Website

Feb 26, 2014 - After a full year in the making, the marketing team at White Oaks Resort are proud to announce the launch of their new fully responsive website.
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RWD (responsive website design) is an approach to building a site which allows for a fluid change in the way the web pages appear in response to the device that is viewing it. It provides the optimal viewing experience regardless of what device is being utilized at the time and eliminates the need for separate mobile sites. “We recognized a huge traffic increase coming from mobile devices and tablets and felt we needed to provide a web experience that not only reflected our brand beautifully but was also an easy browsing experience on every device. We’ve done a tremendous amount of research and to date, we have not found another resort property with a custom fully responsive site yet, meaning we very well could be the first in Canada which is exciting!” reports Julie Lepp, Director of Marketing for White Oaks.

Stunning new photography by Andreas Trauttsmandorff ( is featured on all the main pages showcasing White Oaks with a cool lifestyle vibe. Jennifer Schmaltz, Art Director at White Oaks states, “Working with Andreas was fantastic. Naturally, we discussed the vision in advance and met with him to tour our property, but when he arrived for the two day shoot, it became very clear that he understood our brand and our goals and collaborated with us seamlessly to create photographic magic.”

Webonise Lab ( rounded out the team, assisting with the integration of a brand new e-shop and most importantly the development of a truly user friendly club schedule for The Club at White Oaks. “The team at Webonise met with us over a period of two months and were quick to respond to all of our needs. They understood what we wanted and helped us present our very extensive fitness classes in a new way. Functionality now allows club members to choose what types of classes they wish to see, what date they want to view or plan for and of course, automatically book the class in our system and add it to their calendars. Making it easy for club members to view, select and book their classes on whatever device they choose to access our site on was a key element to the club section of the new site.” Jason Dwyer, Interactive Designer at White Oaks.
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New environmental initiative begins at White Oaks Resort & Spa

Jan 28, 2014 - In the continuing efforts of White Oaks Resort to recognize ways to positively impact the environment, the newly formed Green Team Committee has registered to become a participating hotel with Ecostay.
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“Our hotel is committed to helping protect our planet by reducing our energy consumption and waste. Our goal is to leave a smaller carbon footprint. That’s why we have joined the Ecostay Program”, explains Traci Luongo, Chair – The Green Team, White Oaks Resort.

The Ecostay program supports hotels across North America in their effort to take action against climate change. The program includes three main components; measuring the hotel’s carbon footprint, funding of onsite environmental initiatives and carbon offsetting the unavoidable emissions, making our guests’ stay completely carbon neutral and good for the planet.

Carbon offsetting is balancing the unavoidable emissions with projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions on our behalf. By supporting emission-reducing projects, White Oaks is able to balance off all the emissions from heating rooms, powering the lights and TV, heating water, washing linens and disposing of waste.

The hotel will be adding a $2.50 fee to each room night, making each stay completely carbon neutral and good for the planet. In addition a portion of the monies collected will remain at the hotel to be used towards future environmental initiatives.
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white oaks resort carbon offset your stay

Clean the World

White Oaks Resort reports amazing results with Clean the World Program

Jan 1, 2014 - White Oaks Resort is proud to announce impressive numbers and incredible impact with their participation with the Clean the World program for hotels. Beginning in August of 2013 White Oaks began collecting all unused soaps and bottles of shampoo left behind in hotel rooms.
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The Clean the World hospitality program collects the soap and shampoo products that are discarded by hotels everyday once a guest departs and recycles them into sterile, new products. These new soaps and shampoos are distributed all over the world to people in need including shelters here in our own country.

An astonishing 34% of deaths in children under the age of 5 in the world today are from diarrheal disease and acute respiratory infections that can greatly be reduced by soap intervention. Clean the World distributes their new soaps to over 30 different countries and over 20 domestic locations such as homeless shelters, women’s homes, missions and food kitchens. The new products make a profound difference to the basic health of people everywhere and assist in lowering the death rate from preventable diseases.White Oaks began the program in October 2012 and to date 2,769 pounds of waste has been collected from our property and 5,803 new soap bars have been distributed.
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