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It takes an engaging and exciting activity for a team to truly bond and grow stronger together. We've analyzed key components of the successful teaming process and continue to expand our offerings so that you can maximize the benefits of your event.

Survival of the Forest

Takes place at woodened conservation area on the Bruce Trail, teams work together to find all the necessities to survive in the forest while using a map and a collaboration of group skills. In order to be successful, teams must make it through a variety of challenges along the route. Survival of the Forest can be modified to focus on exciting competition, or individual team development through a fully facilitated debriefing process. This program is outdoors and can be booked year round.

The Gloves are Off

But keep your oven mitts on for this fierce foodie competition! Let your delegates turn up the heat on their team mates with White Oaks version of Iron Chef. Your group dines in a deliciously charged atmosphere, while four designated chefs beat, baste and whip their competition to become top Chef

Navigate Niagara

Is an adventurous teaming challenge that takes place throughout the Niagara Region, exploring Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Parkway, and Niagara Falls. The focus of the program is to have small teams of 2-5 in separate vehicles retrieving clues and competing at events in order to receive their next clue for the route. Teams will visit historical, scenic and adventurous locations throughout the area, while batting off other teams and completing challenges.

60 Second Dash

In this suspense filled teaming session, team members will compete in timed challenges made famous by the hit show “Minute to Win It”. This program guarantees to be high intensity teaming that brings big excitement!

There's an App for That

In this teaming challenge groups are faced with the task of theoretically creating an ‘App’ to solve logistical challenges within their company. After a brief introduction to the technology behind ‘apps’, teams will be given the tools and techniques to create their own innovative new ‘App’. This ‘App’ could take on a variety of tasks, including, but not limited to; time management, communication among departments, resource management, customer service, and must address challenges in the work place. Once teams have created their ‘App’, they will pitch it to the board, and a successful ‘App’ will be nominated for development. Does your team have an ‘App’ for that?

Give Me S'Mores

This campfire teaming event will have your group in competition for the best s’mores in town! In order to make their toasty treats, teams will have to earn their s’more supplies by completing non-traditional teaming challenges. All teams will assemble their ’smores by the fire side while enjoying the competition and camaraderie

Team Sports in the MPG

Our Multi-Purpose Gymnasium is the perfect venue to set up a game or tournament for your group. Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, or any other game you would like to incorporate into your agenda, the MPG is the place to do it!

Redline Racing

It’s the Redline Racing European Tour, and you and your race team are revving to go! But, before you launch into the countryside, you’ll need to determine which route will reward you with the most points—and fewest penalties. To take the victory in this high octane road race you will need to coalesce as a focused, agile and motivated team. You’ll also have to make quick, well-informed decisions at each stage along the way. But your team’s decision isn’t final. Via interactive voting devices, it’s the majority in the room who determines the face of the race. So, as well as contending with the pressure, pace and competition, you must influence others to reach a favorable consensus. Redline Racing is an exciting, super-engaging experience that will set hearts pounding as the finish line draws near.
Program provided by Eagle's Flight

New! Corporate Social Responsibilty Options

Worker's Welcome

Canada welcomes nearly 20,000 migrant farm workers each year, and a large percentage of these men and women work right here in Niagara. The majority of workers have families in their home country who are dependent on the money they make here in Canada. Migrant workers contribute vitally to a thriving Niagara, yet unfortunately, they often deal with significant social exclusion. By participating in this fun and interactive team-building program, you will assemble care-package’s that will help to make the migrant workers feel truly welcomed when they arrive to Niagara.

Executive Experience

Leave the suits at the office and put your apron on. This high level team event will test your team limits in the bustling kitchen of a local homeless shelter. The executive experience is designed for high performance teams who are ready to get out of the office and into the lives of people who need them most.

Pack a Backpack

This one's for the kid in you! Your team will be going back to basics to help out local children with much needed school supplies. Creativity will be put to the test as teams try to earn their pencils and books. Perfect for teams who want to have some fun at recess!


"Competition brings out the best in our group and they had a very positive and energizing experience."

D. Boudreau, Arcturus Realty Corp.

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