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Our experts will lead the way with engaging learning programs and skill sets ranging from classes to seminars. Personal development shouldn't always feel like work, and we keep that philosophy in mind, encouraging participation and investigation.

Bullying is Not a Game

Author and professional speaker, Laurie Flasko, CSP, will share her positive uplifting story of a personal and family triumph over bullying and its lasting consequences. Laurie will take audiences on a powerful journey of agony, fear and victory as she recounts the painful process of helping her daughter stop the bullying and overcome its agonizing traumatic effects. Be moved by her story, be inspired by her example, and be empowered by what she has to teach.
Signature presentation by Laurie Flasko

Personal Effectiveness

In every facet of our lives there exists the opportunity to be more self-aware and to strive for greater personal effectiveness. This workshop will help you recognize the connection between personal effectiveness and work performance. Learn to push personal boundaries and strive to overcome your obstacles. This workshop employs a combination of self-reflection and group discussion, to allow you to develop your individual plan for success. Competencies will include an enhanced perception of core values, character, attitude, passion, focus and perseverance- all contributing to a greater sense of confidence.
Presented by Laurie Flasko

Polarity Management

This interactive workshop will equip participants with the fundamentals of polarity management, the appreciation of how polarities work, and the steps for managing them well over time. The objective is to supplement participants thinking and improve their effectiveness in addressing the “5 C’s” – Complexity, change, conflict, communication and chronic issues. This is a straight forward and insightful way to understand and succeed in mastering some of life’s most complex problems, also known as polarities, paradoxes or dilemmas. Polarity management offers a ‘both/and’ perspective that compliments the ‘either/or’ viewpoint of traditional problem solving, to provide an alternative for those who strive to rise above mediocrity and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
Presented by Tim Arnold

Effective & Connected Professional

Business is changing and evolving as we become increasingly connected and mobile. Innovation is critical in order to continue to reach audiences, create more meaningful relationships, and build relevant products, brands and solutions. Social Selling isn’t just for sales people. It’s about building meaningful relationships with all of your stakeholders. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. In this workshop, learn how to increase your visibility, build trust and generate more business through advanced LinkedIn and social media strategies.
Presented by Alicia Whalen

Gold of the Desert Kings

There’s gold in the mountains, and it can be yours—if you can negotiate the hazardous desert that lies in its way. This interactive learning adventure will challenge you to work together as a prepared, organized and focused team, because competition is fierce and the clock is ticking. With pressures and limitations bearing down, you and your fellow desert adventurers must cross the vast and perilous desert, collect as much gold as possible and return home safely, and you’ll need to get the most from every moment and decision in order to survive and succeed. Be transformed from an armchair tourist into a motivated explorer; discover the relative impact of planning, preparation and execution; eliminate the frustration of wasted activity and convert it into results-generating productivity—this is the real Gold of the Desert Kings.
Program provided by Eagle's Flight

Wine Tasting Seminar

Since the Niagara Region Boasts over 70 Wineries, why not try some of them in this educational but fun tasting of a variety of Niagara’s finest? In addition to discovering the history of winemaking in Niagara, you will learn how to taste wine, how to pair wine with food, and what to look for when purchasing wines. This light hearted look at wine is suitable for Oenophiles of all levels, but especially valuable for those who have ever been intimidated by a server or maître d’.

Wine & Beer Competition

Perfect for groups of 25 or more, your challenge it to taste several Niagara wines and beers and match them to the descriptions provided on ballots. The wine and beer labels, of course, are covered to keep it interesting! This program can be played as individuals, or in teams. With or without prizes, groups enjoy the challenge of testing their tasting knowledge!


Insightment incorporates experiential learning and skill development in a modular program that can be precisely tailored—from a half-day to 2 days—to meet your specific needs. However you configure the experience, you will be immersed in hands-on discovery and highly interactive sessions that will hone your communication abilities toward achieving clear and mutual understanding. Whether you are speaking with the team, instructing another department or negotiating a client contract, you will discover how to build trust, defuse confrontations and generate tangible results from every interaction. Each module will equip you with techniques and skills that are immediately relevant and clearly applicable to both professional and personal life.
Program provided by Eagle's Flight

Celebrating Strengths

Turn your organization into a high performance team! Utilizing personality theory ( Myers Briggs Type indicator and Personality Dimensions) we gain a deeper understanding into our own strengths, characteristics, and values which will assist in enhancing interpersonal skills, leadership skills, communication, customer service and improved working environments. Team members will learn about their own personality types as well as their teams through interactive exercises, discussion and self-reflection.
Presented by Laurie Flasko

You (We) Get It

In today’s competitive market there is a definite need for consistency in delivering superlative, memorable service standards that differentiate your brand from your competition. It is essential for your team members to be knowledgeable and fully trained in how to create a culture of service excellence within your organization. This is the basis of the infamous We Get It Training program at White oaks. Best practices and learning form the White Oaks team will be shared with your participants helping to bring their service to the next level.
Presented by Laurie Flasko


"For each event, the primary goal was to provide team members an opportunity to work together. Mission accomplished!"

C. Benoit, Immigration Canada

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