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When people keep coming back for more, you know you've got a winner on your hands. We've built our reputation on great programs like these
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Developed over years of experience the fan favourite programs at ExL just seem to have a special something about them. Continually earning postive feedback from planners and participants alike, they are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


This is a program that encounters all aspects of a teaming event. The activity requires teams to plan, make decisions, create and communicate with one another on many levels. Teams are faced with the difficult challenge of building a boat- out of cardboard. Most teams come in to the event with an attitude that it cannot be done, how is your crew going to prove them wrong?


Allow your group to find their inner Olympians! Once put into teams, they will be challenged with non-traditional Olympic games focusing on leadership, trust, communication, and analytical thinking while igniting the fire within. Olympic challenges are tailored to allow everyone to excel, regardless of their physical ability.


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